Workshop: Including Sustainability in Your Course or Student Activity

Hamline will hold a series of sustainability workshops for faculty, staff, and administrators. These can range from a half hour to a full day.

After the workshop, participants should:

  • Clearly understand the concept of sustainability— what does it really mean, what does it encompass?

  • Envision the breadth of courses and co-curricular activities that can include/integrate sustainability.

  • Be aware of successful techniques for integrating sustainability into courses and co-curricular activities.

  • Have ideas and examples to pursue for your specific course and activities.

Past Workshops

October 2015

We gathered on the afternoon of October 23rd (Fall Midterm Break at Hamline) to prepare for the AASHE conference, which met in Minneapolis this year (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Oct 25-27).

We met at 11:30am in East Hall 106 for lunch with the Collaborative Research in Sustainability Awardees from 2015 -- and then continued from 1:30-4:30pm for a workshop with Susan Santone revisiting our May work and planning for how to bring what we learn at AASHE back to Hamline. We planned to report back on how we will bring our AASHE insights back to campus in a convo hour session on November 5 in Bush Memorial Library Room 205.

May 2015

In May 2015, seventeen faculty and staff gathered for an all-day workshop covering the meaning of sustainability and methods for integrating sustainability into courses. The workshop was led by Susan Santone, Executive Director, Creative Change Educational Solutions.

Here are some comments from the workshop participants:

I appreciated this workshop tremendously - it provided a nice background in sustainability concepts and issues through well-constructed prompts and dialogue. This also nicely modeled how to engage students in these conversations.

I have a much better sense of the dimensions of sustainability as theory and classroom practice.

Best workshop I've attended in 20 years. Not kidding. The hands-on, interactive approach was superb as was leaving with a work product.

It was especially helpful just to get to talk with each other about the challenges and opportunities of incorporating the possibilities of sustainability into our courses. I learned a lot from folks in other disciplines through our trans/interdisciplinary conversations. More of those conversations would be welcomed.

Workshop Attendees May 2015:

Sustainability Committee

Melissa Embser-Herbert

Mike Farris

Pres Martin

John Matachek

Tracy Fredin (CGEE Director)

Ken Dehkes (Director of Facilities Services)

Stacie Bosley


Caroline Hilk (Director, Center for Teaching and Learning)

Lori-Anne Williams (University Relations)

Kari Richtsmeier (Director, International and Off-Campus Programs)

Kim Zielinski (Associate Director, International & Off Campus Programs)

Jane Krentz (Wesley Center)


Valerie Chepp

Bonnie Ploger

Jack Reardon

Valentine Cadieux (Incoming Sustainability/ESTD Director)

Mark Olson

Future Workshop Details


  • Any full or part-time Hamline faculty member (see stipends below)

  • Appropriate staff (those directly involved in student activities or co-curricular activities)

  • University Leadership Team member or affiliated staff

  • Faculty who receive a Collaborative Research in Sustainability Award or a Sustainability Course Development Award are expected to attend.

Responsibilities of attendees

  • Attend the entire workshop

  • Bring your syllabus or activity plans for use during the 'practical applications' session in the afternoon.

Faculty stipends

Any faculty member attending (other than those who received Awards noted above) will receive a stipend (between $50-$100, depending on number of faculty registered).

To apply

Email with your name, affiliation (department etc.). Include basic information about the course/activity you will work on during the workshop: for example, course number and title, activity (Catalyst trip, New Student Days). Course/activity not required for administration representatives.