Sustainability Storytelling

The Sustainability Storytelling project started a podcast called "We Might Need This Later." The project consists of interviewing a variety of students, staff, and faculty on campus to understand what sustainability means to them and how they see it from their unique perspective, whether that's relative to their field, their studies, or their experiences!

The goal was to highlight the skills, interests, and knowledge surrounding sustainability that give people hope and resilience. 

As students at Hamline who wanted to learn more about sustainability we decided to finish the sustainability storytelling podcast. By dividing the interviews into short videos, students, faculty, and members of the community can have access to perspectives from a diverse range of fields. They discuss how they view sustainability, the issues within it, and its role on Hamline’s campus and the Midway neighborhood. Join us in finding out how to engage more with sustainability. 

Videos will be released weekly on the Hamline Sustainability YouTube channel. The link to the playlist is below 

To find out more or to participate in future videos email !