Sustainability @ Hamline

Welcome to the page detailing Hamline's sustainability initiatives, focusing on the curriculum and co-curriculum.

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We have three main goals (and several active projects -- see here for topics):

Developing a leadership structure to advance the integration of sustainability into the undergraduate curriculum.

  • We have expanded the role of the Director of Environmental Studies to also direct a Sustainability program

  • The Director of Sustainability's Office will establish a Sustainability Network on campus, using the Standing Committee on Sustainability to coordinate the enhancements in curricular and co-curricular sustainability education carried out by various hubs in this network

  • Our goal between 2015 and 2017 is to train the Director, Sustainability Committee members, administrators, and Trustees to serve as sustainability mentors

Enhancing faculty understanding of and support for sustainability.

  • Educate faculty about the concepts of social, economic, and environmental sustainability

  • Train interested faculty in ideas and techniques using outside expertise and local mentors

  • Award Sustainability Curriculum Grants to individual faculty to facilitate curricular integration of sustainability (next round of applications will be reviewed 2/12/16; applications also accepted on a rolling basis)

  • Provide funding for student-faculty collaborative research into sustainability (applications for summer projects due March 2016 -- along with the rest of the collaborative research applications; term-time applications accepted on a rolling basis)

Enhancing student understanding of and support for sustainability.