Gardens and MicroFarm

Peace and Appreciation Gardens

A Liberation Learning Garden for Peace and Appreciation

The Peace and Appreciation gardens were built to invite people passing by to participate in Hamline's food and land stewardship and enjoyment. How can we work together to increase freedom for all?

Through these gardens we are able to learn about gardening diverse plants, share produce to feed one another, grow and give flowers to express appreciation, build peace through community efforts, and practice being together in the world, making peace and liberation.

The space is composed of two large garden beds, the peace and appreciation gardens, with a picnic table in the middle for gathering and sharing. The gardens are located at the corner of the lawn behind East Hall and Bush Memorial Library, next to the tennis courts and visitor parking lot. Come stop by!

Hamline MicroFarm

The Hamline MicroFarm began being built in June 2018 by a group of environmental studies students and faculty supervisor, Valentine Cadieux. On an empty lot just behind the Hamline church where a house once stood, three long garden beds were dug out and built up. The MicroFarm has continued to expand since its beginning.

For more information on the Food Resource Center visit their website!

The MicroFarm aims to increase access to food and land education and encourage community building. The produce grown at the MicroFarm is intended for community members to enjoy at their own pleasure as well as through Hamline's Food Resource Center. Access to nutritious food is a right that everyone should have and the MicroFarm seeks to make that possible. Stop by to get to know your community members, get involved in gardening, spend time with plants, or simply to grab a tasty snack!

Want to get involved with gardening at Hamline? We'd love to have you! Email for more information.