Ladder of Engagement

How the Ladder of Engagment works

Hamline's WasteLess Campaign is driven by the motivation and support of the students, staff and faculty on campus. Through voluntary engagment, the Hamline community spreads awareness, promotes sustainable behavior and makes visible change. By "climbing" the ladder of engagment, anyone is able to participate in sustainbility work that aligns with their personal level of time commitment and knowledge of a particular task.

Top of Ladder

  • Apply for an Internship

  • Student internship / volunteer recruitment

  • Volunteer for Wasteless Campaign Projects

  • write a newsletter article

  • Outreach for speakers on sustainability

  • Event organizing

  • Stars department outreach

Middle of Ladder

  • Tabling for compost education

  • Volunteer at Free Shop

  • Email for a Storytelling interview. Anyone can participate. (For more info check out Sustainability Storytelling)

  • Write Garden Manual

  • Work at Campus garden

  • Read Procedure Manual

  • Rent, Borrow or share a bicycle

  • Make post for sustainability instagram page

Bottom of Ladder

  • Walk / Bike to campus

  • Take bus to campus

  • Bring reusable mug to on campus Starbucks

  • Bring reusable bags for groceries

  • Donate to free Shop

  • Use a metal straw

  • Compost at home

  • Opt for not receiving a receipt at stores

  • Turn off lights

  • Only run dishwasher or laundry when completely full

  • Change laundry settings

  • Buy clothing second hand

  • Eat less meat

  • Turn off lights / use natural light

  • Decrease shower time