Past Events

The sustainability office loves to host viewings of films pertinent to sustainability or relevant topics. In December of 2019, we held a viewing of the film Manufactured Landscapes where we enjoyed popcorn, the film, and a discussion of it after it finished.

In December of 2019, the sustainability office partnered with the Hamline Environmental Action League (HEAL) and the Sculpture Guild to put on an event called Garbart where participants created art out of miscellaneous items, things we often think of as garbage. It was a fun event where students from campus and different organizations were able to hangout, enjoy snacks, and make whatever art they could think of out of a variety of materials. It was a great way to incorporate sustainability into the discipline of art!


Sonya Renee Taylor at Hamline University March 1, 2018

Sarah Khan talk at Hamline, May 4, 2017

Todd Beer on Climate Justice, Hamline University April 4, 2016