What is sustainability?

Check out our page dedicated to unpacking this: What is Sustainability

How can I get involved?

You can refer to our Ladder of Engagement which will tell you a variety of ways to get involved in sustainability on campus and in your life at a variety of levels! You can email us about tasks on the ladder you wish to engage with or with your own ideas of how you'd like to engage (sustainabilty@hamline.edu). If you're interested in working in the sustainability office check out our Thrive Team page which details student positions and how to apply.

How can I contact the sustainability office?

You can contact us at sustainability@hamline.edu about any questions you have, opportunities you want to share, or inquiries about getting involved!

Where is the sustainability office located?

Drew Science Center 120

Check out this map to find more relevant locations on campus: sustainabilitymap.hamline.edu/