* Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum Awards

Sustainability teaching workshop & curriculum integration grant

Sustainability encourages us to practice Education as if the future matters. There are many ways to integrate sustainability into our classes and curriculum. The Sustainability Integration program is designed to support the development and sharing of content and approaches that help students – and the whole Hamline community – work better toward  conditions where everyone can thrive in the long term. This is our working definition of Sustainability at Hamline. This will be the last – and biggest – year of Hamline’s 3-year Sustainability Curriculum Integration pilot, and this RFP invites anyone who is interested in developing sustainability-related teaching materials or curriculum integration to apply to be part of the 2017 program cohort. 

In the 2016 program, we transitioned from a program based on individual course proposals to a program that encouraged integration of sustainability across a department, unit, or area of study. This year’s program will include both approaches -- and will consider any other curriculum innovations (co-teaching, challenge courses, work around collaboration or global issues, for examle).

Our default plan is to grant a stipend with the turning in of a follow-up plan (a few weeks after the workshop), and then another stipend will be granted at the end of the summer at a session sharing the further development of the curriculum enhancement project among the cohort. However, teams are encouraged to consider how funds would be most useful for them; funds can be applied for to pay for course / curriculum development costs, and to support further workshop or other support as appropriate. 

We are especially excited about projects that use the Hamline campus as a classroom for course-based sustainability research (see the list here for an overview of common campus sustainability themes – probably broader than you might expect!), or that build curricular materials that could be shared across campus. 

Grant recipients agree to:
(1) Read some brief materials prior to the workshop
(2) Participate in 2 workshops, date to be determined around participants’ schedules (like one in spring and one in late summer, or alternately some convo hour lunches) 
(3) Prepare syllabi (or other curriculum module) showing the integration of sustainability into their teaching programs, and submit these in August
(4) Report back to the group in an August workshop and some follow-up meals and/or collaborations.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis – however, we strongly recommend applying before the next review on April 7th so we can make plans that will accommodate participants’ schedules. On the form linked here, you can submit a brief proposal letter and also see materials on integrating sustainability into curriculum.

Please note, this form should be accessible to anyone at Hamline, so if it appears that you can't access the form, please go to the bottom of the page where "sign in" is the left most option, and this should make the form visible -- or you should be able to open it here: https://docs.google.com/a/hamline.edu/forms/viewform?hl=en&id=1rcxiSdLn0DjPgbXNLPC9plXAAUdvKEddMbK2ojtad8I

Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum Interest Form

Application materials from prior years provide an overview of the program: