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Summer 2017 Sustainability opportunities

posted Mar 15, 2017, 10:17 PM by Hamline University Sustainability Office   [ updated Apr 5, 2017, 9:23 AM ]
Hamline’s Sustainability Office is recruiting four interns for ~120 hours spread across the latter part of the Spring term and Summer 2017. For those interested in these positions, please send a brief application letter and resume to sustainability@hamline.edu by April 14th.

Sustainability systems logo and field guide internship (including waste research)

The Sustainability systems intern will work with the logo system we are building to identify and link sustainability systems across campus. This system will involve signs, field guides, and a series of events, where we design, make, and share cookies made in the shape of our sustainability logos, in order to explore how sustainability works on campus, and what we can do with the systems involved.

This intern will

  • work with first year programming, admissions, and other tour givers on campus

  • conduct interviews to fill in content on the sustainability systems field guide

  • organize cookie events

  • and work with team doing ongoing work developing logos and visual identity (currently Elizabeth and Jenni)

Interest in graphic design and community organizing will be helpful in this position!

Sustainability Peace and Appreciation Garden intern

Starting after spring break, the Sustainability Garden intern will work with the new Peace and Appreciation gardens on campus, and with the Twin Cities Urban Agriculture Connection, the online resource connecting the Twin Cities urban agriculture research network. Interest in gardens, vermicompost, soil research, community ceremony, and community organizing will be helpful in this position, as this position will be instrumental in setting up the processes for student gardening on campus. This intern may have the opportunity to attend this year’s Open Engagement conference in Chicago (on Justice), and to engage with the local gardening community.

Making the Best of It

The Sustainability office work work with the Making the Best of It (MTBOI: Dandelion) project for Northern Spark again this year. The MTBOI intern will work on this project between Spring Break and early summer (April, May, June), and will be involved in the development of a series of community potlucks and the Northern Spark public art festival on June 10 (at Little Mekong).

Applications are encouraged from students interested in climate engagement and public education!

Making the Best of It is the umbrella concept for a series of regionally site-specific pop up food “refuges” (shacks, installations, carts, tea houses, delivery drones) and designed community dinners that feature a climate-change enabled (and often unwanted) edible indicator species, in order to engage publics in tastings and conversation about the risks of climate chaos, our business-as-usual food system, and the short term food innovations at our disposal.

For Minnesota Making the Best of It teamed with a corps of committed community artists, farmers, biologists, activists and chose the dandelion as its northern US poster child. Abundant, nutritious, beloved to children, symbolic of seed dispersal, and disliked by lawn-owners, this invasive plant offers a model of eating and thinking about human and interspecies well-being on a variety of levels. It is highly adaptable, does well in disturbed ecosystems, and is of significant use to a variety of species, from bees (an early pollinator) to our gut microbiome (an excellent digestive aid). In addition, the species’ response to challenging environmental conditions makes it a relevant guide for exploring the complexity of climate instability.

Food Resource Center

Hamline’s food resource center is seeking individuals with strong verbal communication skills, positive attitudes, and a desire to make a difference.

Responsibilities include:
Managing the front desk while providing strong customer service to visitors, walking visitors to other locations as needed, assisting with office projects, inventory evaluation, simple data entry, paperwork, filing, work using Microsoft Suite applications, assisting with campus events, carrying and lifting boxes, organizing food, and other duties as assigned.

Qualified candidates will be engaging and friendly, self-motivated, organized, responsible, articulate, timely, kind, conversational, sincere with a high aptitude for problem-solving, project and problem prioritization, able to exercise independent judgment, multitask, and maintain confidentiality.

In addition, the Summer Collaborative Undergraduate Research program will have several sustainability fellowships available this summer. Apply through the SCUR process by March 31st (details here: http://www.hamline.edu/cla/collaborative-research/summer.html); please make the relevance of your research for sustainability clear in the application! The Sustainability Office is happy to consult on applications if needed.