Hamline Free Vegetable Garden:

A Liberation Learning Garden for Practicing Peace and Appreciation

We built a garden here to invite people passing by to participate in Hamline’s food and land stewardship and enjoyment. How can we work together to increase freedom for all?

Building on a long and diverse history of garden projects at Hamline--including the SPROUT garden (Students Proposing Real Options for Underutilized Territory) since 2009--students at Hamline tend these gardens to contribute to campus nourishment, peace, and appreciation.

We share the yields of these gardens across campus--in the form of research in this outdoor classroom, produce shared to feed each other, flowers given to express appreciation, peace built through our community efforts, and shared learning about how to grow diverse plants and to practice being together in the world, making peace and liberation.

Come grow with us!

To get involved email -- if you'd like to get regular updates, we'll add you to the Hamline garden google group.

Also, feel free to stop by! Garden workdays start on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm Bush 200 until the weather is good enough to meet outside and Fridays at 1pm. (See the signup below to see who's working when, and to sign up -- if we know people are coming Wednesdays and Fridays, we'll make sure to have a team leader there!) 

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